Scott B. Phillips MD
1303 McCullough Ave #166
San Antonio TX 78212

Initial Appointment

For your initial appointment, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will allow us sufficient time to complete all of the necessary paperwork.

BEFORE the clinic visit

New patients are requested to bring:

  • All pertinent medical records, x-rays, and referral paperwork.
  • Present all current insurance card(s) at each visit.
  • Obtain any required insurance referrals depending on plan.
  • Please dress so that your injury area can be most easily examined and/or x-ray.

NOTE: You can upload your patient data remotely to save time AND allow other doctors/surgeons to collaborate remotely. Please contact us for more information.

Patient Portal

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Scheduling an Appointment

Patients can self-register by clicking here or filling out the following form.

Do you need a second opinion for spine surgery? Dr. Scott Phillips emphasizes a minimally invasive spine surgery approach and advanced technology like artificial disc replacement. Alamo Brain & Spine can provide a second opinion for symptoms of a herniated disc in the back or neck, including symptoms like radiating pain into an arm or leg or numbness in a hand or numbness in a foot.